“You have taken this paper into your hand. No, this is not money but the word of truth. Is it not more valuable than money? What value is the ruble in a country where the Kremlin bloodsuckers have turned it into the poorest place on earth? There is not another people in the West that live any poorer than we do. What does it mean? The word of truth is valuable. And here it is: the fateful and revolutionary hour is approaching. The great enemy of all times and people - Stalin - is ready to plunge you and the country into a carnage of a new and terrible war, a war which no one in the world wants, except he, Stalin. This hunk of humanity in the form of a Generalissimo is mad and is looking insatiably for power at any price, including your blood,”
More follows, asking groups to be formed, defection considered., the pitchfork symbol and the initials “NTS” be painted on walls and ends with, “For a free revolution! Far an honest government on our own land! For a free Russia! Death to all tyrants! To all workers freedom! NTS”